Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Michael Jackson - Who Is It (IHS mix)

Here's a rare remix that can remind any R&B fan what a talent Michael Jackson was when he was ruling the pop charts.

This song along with other unreleased and rare songs were made available on Michael Jackson's "Ultimate Collection" box set. Amazon has a special where you can get the 4 disc & 1 DVD box set for only $29.99 (w/ free s/h).

Since things are coming full circle and R&B acts are trying to bring that classic MJ sound back (Ne-yo's "Because of You"), it's kinda cool hearing a classic MJ song with a hip hop backdrop.

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Senator said...

I love MJ! I am one of the few in my crowd of friends who will admit. I've always liked "Who is it" as a song too. Listening to it here now, I sang along in the privacy of my home. :) Do you like "Scream" with his sis? There are so many MJ songs I like. I didn't get this album but I have History.