Wednesday, November 14, 2007

When customer service goes wrong!

Here's a couple of clips from Touch Tone Terrorists cds that I listen to when I feel like cracking up. There are too many classic quotes from these clips to list, but you'll probably never be able to hear the name Jim-Bob without cracking a smile ever again after hearing this character.

Here a caller is trying to track her package and a couple of characters Jim-Bob & Junkyard Willie give her a hard time and tell her that she "shoulda sent it sooner."

Here Jim-Bob is the caller looking for Scooter and the auto shop employee gives even more to Jim-Bob then he's able to dish out. Jim-Bob's shining moment was calling him a "turd burgler" and the auto shop employee's shining moment was calling Jim-Bob a "Brother hugger." A pretty even match, but Jim-Bob loses when he's called a "hillbilly barefoot b*stard" before he gets hung up on.

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