Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Hillary Nutcracker!

With all of the election news lately it made me think of my favorite political collectable to come out this past year... The Hillary Nutcracker!

If just looking at this item doesn't make you smile, then maybe the commercial will...

Before you ask if you can borrow my Hillary Nutcracker, I have to take a quote from a famous infomercial and say "no my brotha, you gots ta get your own!"

Obama for president!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

A documentary EVERY music fan should watch!

I just saw a documentary that every fan of music should watch. Here's a trailer for "Before the Music Dies":

Here's a example of some of the gems and insight that you get to see in this documentary.

This example shows how easy it is to "manufacture" a sexy pop star.

This example shows how corporate radio Clear Channel has affected music.

This documentary gives the same message that I gave at the end of my first post that I ever made when I gave my 6 pack of underrated songs. If we like an artist we have to support them. If we don't then we'll regret it later when there are less Stevie Wonder's and more Brittney Spears'...