Monday, December 3, 2007

KT Tunstall

I don't know why I've been in such a rock chick listening mode lately. There are so many quality hip hop releases that have come out recently that I liked (Jay-Z, Freeway, Beanie, Kanye, Cormega, etc.), but I still find myself listening to songs by Amy Macdonald, KT Tunstall, and Kate Voegele the bulk of the time.

Out of those three my favorite albums are the brilliant debut cd's of Amy Macdonald and Kate Voegele, but most of my favorite songs are by KT Tunstall. This woman just has the classic guitar rock chick sound down.

Here are my two favorite KT songs (both from her brilliant "Eye to the Telescope" debut cd).

1) Suddenly I See

2) Other Side of the World

This is one woman that I have to see live one day when she comes to California. Check this great live performance of "Black Horse And The Cherry Tree" (again from her debut album). I'm going to make sure that I see her when she comes to the Bay Area. I look forward to one day seeing her perform "Black Horse And The Cherry Tree," "Hold On," and "Suddenly I See" live.

She really is a one-woman band. Notice how she uses the pedals to record her voice and her playing different instruments. And I've always been impressed by people who can sing and play the guitar well, and this is miles ahead of that. I've never seen a woman with a guitar nail a performance like that. Amazing...

And just to show that she has some heat on her new cd here's her 1st single from her "Dramatic Fantastic" cd.

"Hold On" - This is a great video to bring out the energy of the song. This video shows that KT has a little bit of hip hop in her...

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