Sunday, November 4, 2007

Blender has offically lost what little hip-hop credibility it had

In the current issue of Blender (with Nicole Sherizinger on the cover) blender names the "Worst Lyricists In Rock." Now I understand Diddy being on the list, but with the inclusion of Common & KRS-One Blender shows that they have no clue when it comes to hip hop.

Their reason is his lyrics from "Making A Name For Ourselves" which is actually spit by lyrical-beast Canibus:

"I'm you're worst nightmare squared
that's double for nigg*s that ain't mathematically aware"

The writer listening for Blender probably didn't even know the difference between the two rappers. And if they listened to the rest of Common's masterpiece "One Day It'll All Make Sense" they'd see that there's no way anyone can justify Common as one of the worst lyricists.

Really, if someone wanted to make a list of the worst lyricists when it comes to rap do you even need to do much research? Even if you didn't know anything about hip-hop (like this Blender writer) then all you'd have to do to hear some horrible lyricists is tune into your local urban radio station and listen for about twenty minutes. You're guaranteed to hear a song that officially makes you dumber after listening to it. Laffy Taffy anyone? How about Walk It Out? Unfortunately, I could go on...

Even for the writer that doesn't know hip hop, if they take one listen to Common's latest single "Drivin' Me Wild (w/ Lily Allen) they'd see he's one of the few talented poets that gets run on urban radio.

"...Had a drive for a drive from Rodeo
She spent pesos on those labels
Spin class at the gym, strip tease on a pole
She was so obsessed with her body and clothes
To every party she goes, tryin' hard to be chose
They say it's hard for a pimp but extra hard for these (hoes)..."

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