Saturday, November 24, 2007

Cormega - "Who Am I?" IN STORES NOW!

Mega has what most other rappers wish they had. Not the street credibility (he's a street legend in Queens NY), ill lyricism, the ability to fight (he was a boxing champion in jail), or money and girls, but the feeling of being comfortable in his own skin.

In a day where most rappers have to put up fronts to sell records, Mega is himself and his fans and hood love him for it.

One thing that you'll always get with any Cormega release is your moneys worth, but this might be the best package yet. You get a 3 hour 50 minute DVD and a soundtrack for the price of a regular cd ($13.99). The soundtrack is a dope collection of songs by Mega and his peoples in the game (many of who you get to see in the DVD), but the jewel is the DVD. This isn't a typical hip hop dvd where the rapper shows off his guns talks tough and then packages it to make a quick buck. This dvd takes you into the life of Mega (what he's been up to, his mentality of the industry and situations that have happened to him).

You get to hear about his legendary rap battles, his situation with Nas, his shoe collection, his Def Jam situation, his time when he rented buses and took his hood to an amusement park, when he visits patients at a hospital, etc. This isn't a side that many street legends would share with you, but that's what makes him different.

On top of that you can't loose the fact that he's one of the best street poets in the game. You get his seldom-seen music videos that he made that didn't get any play on MTV or BET.

What makes Mega's music stand out from others is that he speaks with such sincerity that you can feel what he's saying even if you haven't been through what he's been through. This DVD isn't any different cause you can feel his pain and sincerity in his voice when he describes what's happened in his life.

To give you an idea of his talent here's a clip of a verse that he dropped at a show at BB Kings in NYC:

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