Sunday, September 30, 2007

Paris - Assata's Song (remix)

Here's another song for one of those rap critics who say that all rap music degrades woman. Today's offering is a classic song from the Bay Area underground legend Paris. Paris is like an underground version of Chuck D. He has intelligent heart felt lyrics that are delivered in a straightforward way where anyone can understand.

On top of being a beast on the mic, he's even a bigger beast behind the boards. Anyone who's heard his production on his first two albums can vouch for that. (I put his 1st album "Devil Made Me Do It" right up there with "the Chronic" as one of the best west coast produced albums ever) Paris is a one man band cause he does all of his own beats. He also produced the Conscious Daughter's first album that included the hit "Something To Ride To (Fonky Expedition)."

"And sista you don't need a man
who cheats and mistreats and beats you bad
It's better to have
somethin then nuttin at all
And end up like a case being worse than a close call
So listen to the message in the song
It ain't nuttin but a way to make us strong
being so quick to chase the juice
And diss us tryin to taste another's fruit..."

This song is to uplift black woman, but a lot of the lyrics apply to the uplifting of all women in general. This classic remix was originally only available to DJ's on 12" vinyl, but has since been made available on Paris' collection that collects remixes, rare cuts, and b-side songs called "the Devil Made Me Remix."

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