Saturday, September 1, 2007

Cee-Lo Green the Soul Machine

Though many might be familiar with Cee-Lo's work with Outkast, Goodie Mob, or most recently Gnarles Barkley (he's the singer) the majority of music fans aren't aware of this man's talent.

Cee-Lo reminds me of Canibus (the rapper, not the drug) cause when he's at his peak not many can mess with him. I believe that the only thing holding these artists back is that they're not at their peak as often as they could be.

The thing that has kept Cee-Lo from being my favorite R&B singer is that I haven't liked any of his entire albums (including the Gnarles Barkley album w/ Danger Mouse). But what's kept me a big fan of his is that each of his albums have shown enough flashes of brilliance to keep me anticipating his next release. Here's three tracks that best exemplify why I feel that Cee-Lo is a star that not many in R&B or poetry can mess with (maybe I'll have another post dedicated to his raps w/ Outkast & Goodie mob).

1) All Day Love Affair (from his 2004 CD "Cee-Lo Green Is The Soul Machine")

This song shows if Cee-Lo sings about a topic that anyone can easily digest his voice will shine and he can create a timeless soulful love song.

2) Gettin' Grown (from his 2002 CD "Cee Lo and His Perfect Imperfections")

This is a song that you'd only hear from Cee-Lo. The uptempo backdrop is perfect for Cee-Lo to just break down some of his struggles growing up (or "gettin grown"). This video is a little odd, but it's entertaining and doesn't take (much) away from this great song.

3) Wake up show spoken word poetry freestyle

He drops some knowledge in this poem. I was pretty speechless when I first heard this...

He's collaborated with everyone from Lauryn Hill, Carlos Santana, Common, Diddy, Macy Gray, and Everlast to writing for the Pussycat Dolls (he penned their hit "Don't 'Cha") & Brandy. Hopefully after you listen to these tracks you'll see why Cee-Lo is probably one of your favorite singer's favorite singer...

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