Monday, May 11, 2009

Kate Voegele - Manhattan From The Sky

For some reason I had a feeling to check Kate Voegele's web page to see if she has any new music coming out. I still listen to her debut album "Don't Look Away" album quite a bit. I'm glad I did because I saw that she has a new album, "A Fine Mess," coming out on 5/18/09.

Of the four songs from her upcoming album that are on itunes (and that have been performed by her character Mia on "One Tree Hill") this is the song that really stuck with me. I love the mood, meaning, and sound of the song and have been listening to it on repeat since I first heard it. I got the same feeling when I first heard her song "Only Fooling Myself." (which was one of the songs from 2007 you need to hear post)

After digging for a little info on her upcoming album I came across this article on the Aceshowbiz page where she describes her inspiration for writing the song:

Voegele states the idea for the piano-driven pop number came to her while she was sitting in a plane, 30,000 feet above New York City. "I was just thinking about how Manhattan looks like a little piece of Lego," Voegele recalls, "but once you're inside, it's totally crazy and messy and there's a wonderful chaos going on all around the city."

My interpretation of the song is it's Kate describing the excitement that you get when you want to get to know someone that you're interested in. You know that they're not perfect and that they have flaws but you're still looking forward to getting to know their beauty, personality, strengths, and weaknesses.

You are my Manhattan from the sky
You look so neat and tidy when I’m way up high,
But I know your streets are lined with a fine mess inside
And I wanna come down and walk around your mind.

I will be buying the deluxe edition of her cd the first week it comes out and would see her concert in June if I was able to make any of those dates. Hopefully I'll be able to catch her next time.
A Fine Mess comes out on May 18th. Let's support great music and talented musicians. You can preview more of her songs on her myspace.

Oh, and for the record I only know that she performs the songs on "One Tree Hill" from reading about it. I don't watch the show. Just putting it on the record. :)

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