Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Stephen Lynch - Crazy Peanuts

Here's Stephen Lynch performing "Crazy Peanuts" off of his new album "3 Balloons." A song that describes the characters of of Charles Shultz's timeless comic strip.

I couldn't describe his album better then his website could:

3 Balloons is Stephen's first new album in over four years, featuring all-new material, and recorded in a studio: "My last two albums were recorded live in concert, just guitar and voice, and I wanted to do something different this time. Whenever I write or perform a new song, in my head I hear pianos and drums and tubas and string sections and jug bands and children's choirs. I want you to hear those things too. Except we couldn't find a children's choir whose parents would let them sing about drug mules and transsexual prostitutes. Maybe next time.''

This guy cracks me up. I've got to see him next time he comes to the area.

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