Monday, January 12, 2009

The Roar Restored!!!

It looks like the days of Cal basketball ranking in the bottom of the Pac-10 are no more. Cal is back to its winning ways (of a VERY long time ago) and pull off a triple overtime victory in Washington in one of the best basketball games I've ever seen. At the end of regulation and each of the overtimes Cal looked like it was dead in the water and each time came up with big plays to send it into another period and then at the end to get the victory. Put it this way, in this 55 minute game the Bears lead for a total of 27 seconds. Their only lead besides the one they took to win the game came at 1-0.

You can watch some of the highlights here:

Cal at Washington from jamie vades on Vimeo.

Or read about it here. I'm just glad I was clicking over while I was watching football.

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