Sunday, November 23, 2008

We've got the Axe!!!!

Order is restored in the Bay Area college football world again cause Cal took back the Axe.

There were were a number of great plays by a finally fully healthy again Javed Best and four forced turnovers by our defense (3 of which were interceptions).

This video is pretty hilarious. The local news reports Cal winning and has an interview of the Stanfurd (yes, I refuse to spell their name w/ an "o") coach Jim Harbaugh who's answering when you can hear a Cal fan shout “YOU GOT SPANKED! AND WE GOT THE AXE!” (It's 0:37 into the video)

I know that Harbaugh wanted to hunt the fan down and beat the snot out of him, but he didn't react. As a Cal fan I love it when we lay the smack down to our arch-rivals, but find it kind of interesting that two years in a row a weak Stanfurd team has beaten the Pac-10 champion (assuming Oregon State can handle business in their Civil-War w/ Oregon). It seems like that Stanfurd team was too good a team to not have a winning record. I want them to stay as a mediocre team so they do just good enough where the coach doesn't lose his job, but not good enough to challenge us as an elite team in the Pac-10 (and country).

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