Sunday, January 6, 2008

2007 Rap up

Now a hip-hop tradition (that started in 2002), Skillz drops his end of the year song that gives all of the significant happenings in a well-crafted, humorous, and very entertaining track. This year he goes all-out and even gives us a video.

Official "07 Rap Up" Video

"07 Rap Up" Behind the scenes video

In case you're wondering why a rapper as talented and funny as this isn't a star... This guy is probably responsible for writing hit songs for one of your favorite rappers or favorite club songs. He's a well respected ghost writter (meaning he writes songs for artists for a fee). He even has a song about it that you can listen to here. How else can the guy survive in the game for over ten years and only release one album in 1995?

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Jeffrey said...

Ha! It's nice to see that MadSkillz, or Skillz is still doing this yearly Rap-up. He is one of my favorite lyricits, and I too wonder why he hasn't blown up yet. His biggest hit was probably B-Boy Document 99 with The High and Mighty and Mos Def, though my favorite song of his is a freestyle he did where he claims he was hot "when Suge Knight was a body guard for Bobby Brown". (If you don't have it, let me know and I'll upload it for you)

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