Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Joe Budden is now free!!!

To celebrate one of the best rappers in the game's release from the hold of Def Jam I'm going to post some classics that he's released since his self titled debut album in 2003 and one song from his debut cd. I'm not bashing Def Jam, but it was clear that they didn't see the greatness in him that the rest of us did when we heard both of his installments of the Mood Muzik series.

Hopefully now we'll get to hear some new music from him. I'm looking forward to hearing Mood Muzik 3 as well as his sophomore album. What separates Joe from most other rappers is that he has a brutal honesty and shares his uncut thoughts in his music.

Joe Budden - Calm Down

In this song Joe shares the story of how he overcame drugs.

Joe Budden - If I Die Tomorrow

In this song Joe Budden looks back at his life and accomplishments if he were to die tomorrow. Though many people would at first think about what they haven't yet accomplished, I like that this is a positive song that focuses on what he's already accomplished. This isn't exactly what you'd expect from a rapper who's only released one official album that went gold but was expected to go platinum.

Joe Budden - Stained

"I pour my heart out on wax you gotta feel me..."

After listening to these songs you can probably see why Joe has such a cult following. He doesn't hold anything back in his music and that's why his fans feel that they actually know him. In a day where most rappers have to get into character to rap, Joe is a breath of fresh air to people who want to hear great wordplay from someone who's real.

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